A Man of Dignity – The Late Audley L. Walker

Audley_WalkerI met the late Audley Lawson Walker in 1989 when I joined the West  Indian Tobacco Company Ltd.
For the next  10 years of my life he was a larger than life influence.
I am a better person for having been tutored by him.  I learned strategy and tactics about the art of war as he guided our responses  to the anti-tobacco lobby.   I learned how to love selflessly as he guided my interactions with the members of Despers and I learned respect as we shaped the work of the Witco Sports Foundation.
Audley, though not a Trinidadian by birth felt deeply for this country and served in many different capacities.  He served selflessly on the  Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and CAIC.
If there is a legacy to his living it would be one of respect for all.  Oh! How I miss his dignity when I look around at current captains of industry.  Men of his calibre seem to be disappearing.  Hopefully his passing will provide a moment for reflection on the importance of values like dignity and respect.