Jammin de Culture …

Dear 3Canal

jamming-de-culture-montageYou caused me PAIN this carnival.  Pain for the arts, the artistes and my country.  I remembered John, Astor, Beryl, Saldenah, Mc Williams and several other names of artistes of my youthful days.

Our politics and political system continue to “mash up” the place.  Every new administration throws out the institutions of the former because if we are red we can’t embrace the good things of the yellow and if we are yellow, we just can’t see red.

In spite of the chaos and backwardness of our leaders, 3Canal has survived in the space and you continue to thrive.  Congratulations on your 20 years and “blue up the place to cut this blight”.

Some Naked Truths about Tourism

We continue to tip toe around the problem with our tourism product rather than confront the fundamental issues.  Here are some facts:

  1. As long as the THA continues to be the major employer in Tobago, productivity and customer service WILL not improve.  “ah we boys” have no reason to change their behaviours.
  2. Until we stop the “double dipping” by the THA in the pot to advertise the destination and parade at travel markets etc. we will continue to have no advertising presence in any outlets.
  3. Unless we invest in supporting the dive shops we will continue to lose market share in the diving business.
  4. Unless we level the playing field and ensure that all potential investors in the tourism market are treated equally there will be no expansion of the industry.

There are few quick wins in this market.  What is required is openness, transparency and some tough action to communicate to our people that Tourism is a real mechanism for diversification.

This Yvonne Baboolal article in the Trinidad Guardian speaks some truths which the Prime Minister and his Ministers need to hear.