Prime Minister Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley launched his DJ career on Saturday 26th August on i95.5. Congratulations DJK on becoming the oldest person to launch a DJ Career in T&T and maybe the world. You have joined the ranks of the top oldest DJ’s in the world. You’ve joined Wirginia Szmyt (DJ Wika), the 74-year-old lady from Warsaw. “She decided to become a DJ at the age of 60: she walks around carrying her decks, she knows the newest trends in music, she makes her own mixes and sometimes plays even until 3 a.m. She calls herself “a link” between the new and the older generation”.
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DJK, are you a link between the new and old? What is the value you are adding to either the new or the old by being a DJ? We elected you to make a difference, to provide the vision and leadership needed for us to survive way beyond your mortal demise and to provide effective governance.DJK at work.

DJK, if this is your new strategy to reach the people, then you’d better keep it up every Saturday, broadcast clear, unmixed messages while demonstrating your belief in being accountable to the people who elected you. If this is your new strategy, then you absolutely must publicly collaborate with your constituents to avoid a recurrence of the recent public protest which occurred on your doorsteps. If you accept this as your new strategy, then you have to demonstrate your commitment to the notion of transparency.

I hope this is not just a whimsical stunt to improve your popularity ratings because meaningful, lasting popularity ratings will only improve when you have a clear, well-considered and articulated plan which you can communicate to our citizens.

For a Prime Minster, sound communications can only be based on a platform of ideas and activities which citizens can understand and grasp the importance. If they do, then they will follow the plan. People are thirsty for good plans. They will remember and speak well of you if the good plans are yours! Until then, Happy spinning DJK!

Radical ACTs

Change will not come from a place of normalcy. It requires radical accountability… radical collaboration and radical transparency. Radical ACTs.
If that means losing some friends … so what … if your friends can't see the long game then you need new friends.
We need courage to do what is right because it is the right thing to do, not because we don't want to call out a supporter/friend.
Our country needs people of courage to take a stand to change the systems, processes and procedures. Be a change agent and stand in defense if the red, white and black.