Justice for Dana …

May 3, 2015 marked 365 days, one year since the assassination of Dana Seetahal QC.

IMG_0736One year ago our twin island Republic rocked with fear and trepidation when we awoke to the news of her killing.  Politicians, the Commissioner of Police, the Minister of National Security all made big promises that there would be swift justice.  On the first anniversary of her death, nothing has changed.  The $3.5m ransom remains on offer and the perpetrators of this heinous crime remain free to kill again.  There has not even been an update from the officials.

The precision with which her assassination took place suggests a high level of professionalism.  This was no ordinary killing.  Some persons have asked why the response to this killing, what makes her different from others who have been killed.  There is no difference, a citizen has been assassinated and we must collectively feel the outrage and anger that our detection rate is abysmally low.   We must all be inspired to change the nature of the game being played.  We must call for justice as loudly as we can.  We can no longer sit around and feel comfortable that the crime is confined to the ghetto.  It is on our doorsteps.

I am heartened by the 30 or so citizens who turned up on the steps of the Halls of (In)Justice to send a message that it is time to clean up our act, time for a change, time for persons to be held to account.  It is time for a new direction in Trinidad and Tobago.  Movements are formed by small actions and these small actions will send a message that enough is enough.


NOTE: My facebook cover page has for the past year paid tribute to Dana.
Sadly I must change it but the memory of this fearless warrior will live on.