Naughty Corner for the Express and photographer Kerwin Pierre.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 07.18.14Dear Express, Why publish this picture?
To demonstrate that the Police service is working? To give the young woman a platform to boast to her friends?  To demonstrate to others that bad behaviour can you get some newspaper coverage? WHY?
What is the mindset which brought this from shot to publication.  Was there a clear intent and what was that intent?
There is an expectation that the Media has a greater responsibility to educate, inform and entertain.  This is another example of bad judgement.  What is the thinking of the person who took the photograph?  What is the thinking of the Editor who highlighted it in the picture corner.
Shouldn’t this child’s face have been blurred even if your intention was to be helpful.
The core of this is the absence of standards but the parent group of the Trinidad Express, CCN has published as one line in its Aspiration Statement … “Observing and promoting the highest professional standard”
This photograph in no way supports that aspiration.  What is troubling about this is the disconnect between that aspiration and the rest of the organization.  For this picture to have been published, several responsible journalists said it is OK.  They all nodded approval to publishing the picture of a minor … This is great … This will sell another hundred or so copies.  They all said to hell with the rights of the minor.  They all said we don’t care about standards.  Trinidad Express, while you’re in the naughty corner, please think about holding yourself to a higher standard.