What happened? The Unfinished Project

I call this the creative dilemma. It is the knife edge where you decide if this is a “wuk” or if this satisfies your passion. Here’s a 2 our of 3 decision criteria which is useful. Will I make money? Will I learn something new? and Will It open my circle of interface? The activity has to satisfy 2 or the to get me involved.

Words by Ayrïd Chandler

Last year, I got to work with a lot of new clients and with that came new experiences. The main one that stuck with me is what I refer to as: The Disappearing Client #Ghost #Casper. This client would hire me to work with them, and somewhere between Phase 2 and the final phase, pull a disappearing act. Not respond to emails, messages, calls, just completely drop the project.

I recently saw one of those clients at a ‘social gathering’ and they acted as though this never happened, and the act of running into them had me wondering how to better prepare and safe guard against future instances like this. What do you do when a client has made a down payment, agreed to work with you, you’ve submitted work for feedback and never get it? Or you work through to the end, the client just has to give final…

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Zessers Come in all Forms!

Take away the gold chain and the ‘Zesser’ descriptor fits several other people in T&T.  Some of them drive Porche Cayennes, Mercedes Benz, Range Rovers, BMWs and other high-end cars.  Some of them live in specially outfitted high-rise apartments; they pay for tables where their friends lime or where they can prey on potential victims.  Some of them are sexually promiscuous, wear brand name or designer clothes and expensive red gold watches and I could go on and on about their abhorrent behaviours but the AG may know them better. 

So exactly what was the Attorney General trying to communicate when he attempted to threaten or scare those persons who wear big gold chains as a symbol of their authority and status among their peers? Why didn’t he use other examples of Zessers? Those who have moved from D.J.ing to multi-millionaires in less than 10 years, those who moved from tent rentals and scaffolding suppliers to almost billionaires in less than a generation.  He chose to focus on the gold-chain-wearing Zessers and has not considered that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of young people wearing costume jewellery to signal their belonging. Every generation has their outliers who externalize their symbols of belonging. 

The AG commented that the gold-chain wearing Zessers will be asked to prove that they purchased jewellery legally and that is commendable but while he’s at it there is a long list of other examples of Zessers whom he needs to ask to account for their material possessions  

 Stereotyping will not get us to the root cause of criminality, nor will it bring home the Mr. Bigs of our country. What the AG has done is stereotyped every youth from the ghetto as a misfit and a criminal simply because he chooses to wear a big gold chain.  Like the majority of citizens, I want you to trace the money, but stereotyping the young person on a fad is no way to embrace and encourage young people in another direction.

To bring home the Mr.  Bigs and really get to the root of criminality, you have to have the courage to dig close to home.  Find out who were the financiers of both political parties. Hold persons to account for their recent wealth from the Prison Officer who lives in a mansion to the Police Officer who parks his high-end car in the Police Station to the opportunistic landholder who just happened to own land which the government needed.  You cannot simply stand in Parliament and point at the ghetto. Remember the persons in the ghetto are simply collateral damage (according to a late Prime Minister) and they are desperate enough to do whatever is required. Go after those persons who are liquid enough to engage in major funding of illicit activity. To do otherwise is to engage in a meaningless charade.

There are Zessers who don’t wear big gold chains. 

Stop the Destruction of Chaguaramas!

My first visit to the seaside was Carenage, and in particular, Williams Bay.  We travelled by bus and eventually I would “borrow” my father’s Raleigh bicycle (before the permission was given), put the seat to its lowest position and ride to Carenage.  I remember that Pier 1 was not even a thing. Today, its building is imposing and it is home to several boats spewing sewage into Williams Bay. If you look closely, there is a slight shimmer on the water around the boats providing further evidence that “stuff” is being disposed of in the water.  This is the same location where families frolic in the sun oblivious of the sewage and pollutants.

Heading further west into the peninsula is depressing; you pass the dilapidated hoardings through which you catch glimpses of concrete structures at different stages of completion; the remnants of a dream of a museum, and on the right, the O2 Park where the hill is being or has been raped.

If you turn north and head to Macqueripe, you see a welcome sign saying “U Pick” which used to be a small business where you were able to pick your vegetables from the stem before buying them and recall that this very area was the home to recent Carnival Fetes.  Other locations in Chaguaramas have also been used to host fetes including one constituency’s “Bush Party”.

Astonishingly, a geologist is presiding over this destruction of the Chaguaramas Peninsula and that is troubling.  We may say that it is all in the interest of development, but I disagree. There are many instances in other countries where development was done in concert with nature.   We cannot continue destroying the natural beauty with which this country has been blessed.

They tell me that Chaguaramas has some of the most arable agricultural lands in the country and I believe them because of what I have experienced.  I have seen Howler monkeys swinging in the trees, butterflies flitting amongst the shrubs, parrots screeching atop bamboo clumps and the morning mist blanketing the golf course.  These experiences are precious and available freely to any citizen but they will disappear if we continue to abuse nature in the way that we are doing. Indeed, the monkeys are not as plentiful and the fauna and flora not as rich as when I first started exercising in Chaguaramas.

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that our employees (the politicians) act in our collective interest and in this case, it means that they must declare and protect Chaguaramas as a National Park.  It means stopping the continued destruction of the hills at O2, discontinuing the annual Carnival Fetes and Jouvert Parties which chase away all animal life and ensuring that the status of Chaguaramas as a National Park is attained.

Who would have thought that a Geologist would do otherwise?