I call this the creative dilemma. It is the knife edge where you decide if this is a “wuk” or if this satisfies your passion. Here’s a 2 our of 3 decision criteria which is useful. Will I make money? Will I learn something new? and Will It open my circle of interface? The activity has to satisfy 2 or the to get me involved.

Last year, I got to work with a lot of new clients and with that came new experiences. The main one that stuck with me is what I refer to as: The Disappearing Client #Ghost #Casper. This client would hire me to work with them, and somewhere between Phase 2 and the final phase, pull a disappearing act. Not respond to emails, messages, calls, just completely drop the project.

I recently saw one of those clients at a ‘social gathering’ and they acted as though this never happened, and the act of running into them had me wondering how to better prepare and safe guard against future instances like this. What do you do when a client has made a down payment, agreed to work with you, you’ve submitted work for feedback and never get it? Or you work through to the end, the client just has to give final…

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