Be true to yourself and your organization

Kendal Fontenelle is the Public Relations Officer with the Ministry of of Planning and Sustainable Development and must take full responsibility for any errors or omissions presented on the Ministry’s Website.  It is absolutely unprofessional for him to suggest that a Lecturer at the University of the West Indies did the research and presented the information.  Had it been perfect Mr. Fontenelle would have taken the credit 

One of the traditional roles of the Communications Professional is to keep the organization truthful. This means you have to take responsibility for the communication outcomes. By stating that “It was actually written by someone who is a lecturer at one of the tertiary institutions,” Mr. Fontenelle is shirking his responsibility. He clearly skipped the Fundamental of Communication class. We’ve seen this sloppy approach to communications several times with the current administration. It underlies the need for Communications professionals to be well trained before being placed in responsible positons. Mr. Fontenelle is not representing this noble profession very well.

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