Love Laventille enough to Care?

If I prevented you from passing on a public road, I would be acting illegally. How is it that Gang leaders can prevent citizens from using streets, traces and alley ways and we call it “border line” issues?  Aren’t they just breaking the law?  And what are the consequences?

The “Laventille” brand will find positive resolution when we love enough to care. Right now, we are treating the “Laventilles” as headaches. We want them to stop burning tires, shooting up the place and killing each other. This problem did not arrive yesterday. It is the culmination of years of inequity, abuse and neglect. There are Laventilles in different locations and we can see the specific behaviours. For example:

  1. Is there a drug block?

  2. Is there a gang operating?

  3. Is there high unemployment among the young men?

  4. Is the neighbourhood traumatized as evidenced by people hustling to get home before darkness falls?

  5. Are there random shootings?

Answer yes to four of these five questions and you have Laventille in your neighbourhood. These are our problems as a society and they can only be solved when we love enough to show that we care. Our caring must be manifested in our daily actions. Every step we take must show that we care. There is no one solution, there are simply moments to do right and right will ripple through to our Laventilles. This is my moment to do right.

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