Police Breaking the Law

Police Breaking the Law

2:54 pm Friday 9th May, 2014 – Drivers of 2 police vehicles have a chat on Ariapita Avenue for about 4 mins!
Police Sergeant Mystar made a passionate plea to young drivers to obey the traffic laws and drive responsibly. This plea will amount to nothing unless there are consequences for breaking the law. As I go about my daily business I see drivers break the law and sometimes in full sight of a Police Officer. What is worse Police Officers themselves break the law.

On Friday 9th May, 2014 I had to wait for 4 minutes while these 2 police vehicles stopped to have a conversation on Ariapita Avenue. I honked my horn but to no avail, the conversation in their mind warranted this behaviour.

The tension in the society continues to mount as people feel their rights are being trampled and might is right. An urgent intervention is needed to bring calm to this small town. One easy leverage point exists where Police interact with Citizens but this interaction must be based on trust and respect. I asked 10 friends if they believe the Police murdered the young man in Bagatelle. SEVEN SAID YES!

Couple this perception with the continuous violations seen on the road and we have volatile situation. Each Police Officer has to exhibit exemplary behaviour and stop breaking the law. Remember the old saying “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear your words”!

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