Using a hatchet where a scalpel is needed!

The offending Picture

In the field of Human Resource Management, it is often said that poor performance is a manifestation of poor selection.  If you invest in a rigorous selection process, your chances of having poor future performance will be minimized. This unfortunate “Pre Action Protocol Letter (PAPL)” from the Office of the President to a “2-bit” comedian is unfortunate and provides me with a little more evidence that the selection procedure was and is flawed.

Why is the President so sensitive about his wife’s dress?  What else is happening to raise his sensibilities?  What else is he trying to shield from public discussion via comedians and calypsonians?  Why would this President, who in a not so past life was an active participant in the culture of Calypso, Picong and Liming take such a heavy handed approach?  Why would the President so easily embrace the recently coined PAPL strategy to dampen discussion?

Her Excellency Mrs. Reema Carmona joins a list of bland but dignified first ladies whose occupation of office inspired little to no reaction or commentary.  I welcome her youthful vibrancy but this must always be informed by appropriateness.  In this case, the stark difference between the attire of Mrs. Ban Ki-Moon and Mrs. Carmona made me cringe.  In the past I have thought to myself: tacky, loud, simple when I have seen her outfits but this one was over the top.

It is unfortunate that it has become a legal issue.  A simple emissary whispering in Rachael Price’s ear would have made a difference.  Instead the PAPL has dignified poor humour and improved her popularity.

5 thoughts on “Using a hatchet where a scalpel is needed!

  1. In total agreement Mrs D, thanks for sharing. I don’t disagree with the fact that he chose to stand up for the first lady – granted the public would have liked to have seen His Excellency take a stand on several other issues. However, way more attention and use of power than this issue and the person behind it deserves. And if we’re talking persons having respect for the office of the president, certainly it must go both ways.

  2. I am left confused . . . who made the bad selection?

    Anthony in choosing a wife?

    Reema in choosing an outfit?

    Rachael in choosing her words?

    1. It is not clear who took action, the wife nor Carmona on her behalf. I am also very curious to know who the Senior Council was, because it may have been the AG or the PM, and we all know how they got theirs.

      From this story it would seem that she is affected by the comments:

      President hits bullying on social media
      By SEAN DOUGLAS Thursday, October 23 2014,201977.html

      . . . the more reason for her to exercise better judgement or ask for advice next time.

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