Driving on the Shoulder is illegal Mr. Policeman!

2014-05-09 14.54.11
Police stopped on Ariapita Avenue to talk to the driver of the oncoming vehicle … Whew!!! We in Trouble!!!

Every time I do morning run on the Diego Martin Highway, I encounter at least 20 cars using the shoulder but today was record breaking because I also encountered 2 police vehicles on the shoulder and one was driven by a civilian.

People break the rules because there are no consequences and because they emulate others.   If the Police is breaking law, then why can’t I”? is the rationale they use.  The re-deployment of Police Officers to issue tickets every morning will make a difference to the reckless driving and the traffic. 

Until then I continue to salute the majority of law abiding citizens who sit in the murderous traffic morning and evening. Here are 5 things you can do to make your commute enjoyable:

  1. Sing your favourite song at the top of your voice even if you’re in a PH Taxi.
  2. Smile and wave at everyone who passes you by.
  3. Do something silly like pointing to the sky and see how many people will follow you.
  4. Meditate and send some positive vibez to everyone around you.
  5. Find a good topical radio station and start calling in and get involved, or call all the radio stations and dedicate some songs to people.

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