Sail the Grenadines … a bucket list activity!

I sat on a jetty in Bequia and gazed to the bottom of the ocean.  My gaze was interrupted by tropical fish darting to and fro. Since 2005 we have sailed the Caribbean for Carnival:  St Martin … The Grenadines … Antigua … Guadeloupe … Antigua.  For sure, the beauty of our region is incomparable.

This year, we did the Grenadines where we stopped at Mayreau.  One of the highlights is a visit the oldest church in the region which is located atop a hill that provides a stunning panoramic view.

On the way up the hill I suffered the indignity of seeing my Minister of Tourism dribble and cuss over his meal while the locals looked on in amusement.  People who accept office also have to accept that they carry the office 24/7 and that means being on your best behaviour at all times.  Saints are not what we expect but to be drunk out of your mind, cussing and dribbling over your food!  Really!

Had the Minister been more “aware”  he may have noticed that there’s a tremendous opportunity for Caribbean crew and vacationers to be represented in the Cruising Industry throughout the region.  In my 12 or so years of sailing I am yet to come across a Caribbean crew and first mate.  This is certainly “a niche” waiting to be served by our people.

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