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Anthony Carmona President of Trinidad and Tobago

A woman vigorously scrubbing clothes on a “jukin” board.  She stops and bellows a sarcastic remark clearly directed at someone but indirectly made and understood by all.  This is how “throwing words” can be summed up and was practiced “behind the bridge” where I grew up.  Never had I considered that this practice would be elevated to the highest office of our country.

What would motivate the President to engage in such a practice?  Who was he referring to in his statement about “rumshop logic”? Does he expect a response in like manner?

My expectation is for the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to use his office to exhibit exemplary behaviour.  If he has a problem with anyone about anything, he has the power to summon that person and have a conversation.  But to engage in “throwing words” is to bring the office to an unacceptable level and to abandon a fundamental tenet of communication.  “Direct communication is the most effective form of communication”.