I just love how our vocabulary keeps expanding. Digging up in young people business I stumbled across this word “fleek” so I did what any 60 year old would do and started my research.  Here’s what I found at Dictionary.com:

“The best example of a word recently born out of social media has to be “fleek,” which is generally preceded by “on” to create the now popular slang term known as “on fleek.” The phrase emanated from a six-second Vine video posted by Peaches Monroee, otherwise known IRL (“In real life,” another new addition to Dictionary.com’s list of words and phrases) as Kayla Newman. The 17-year-old, excited after having her eyebrows done for the first time, made the now famous statement, “We in this b—-, gonna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek, da f–.”

Kayla says the word just came to her, that it was something she never heard before, and she is widely credited with its creation. After her Vine went viral, pop star Ariana Grande did a lighthearted spoof of the video, which introduced the term to even more viewers, who in turn started referencing the hashtag #onfleek as a substitute for “on point,” especially when referencing physical appearance.

In fact, even though Dictionary.com’s official definition reads “flawlessly styled, groomed, etc.,” the usage of the term now actually goes beyond describing a person’s personal appearance and extends to anything from the quality of a performance to a person’s general state of mind.