Hi Ingrid Lashley … You made me proud.  You are a champion black woman with the confidence and competence to continue making a difference.
Here’s what I learned from your experience and let me share these learnings with Corporation Sole and his Designates!

  1. Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 15.58.21Appoint competent subject matter experts to lead organisations?
  2. Hire someone who is a team leader.
  3. Communicate your expectations as clearly as possible?
  4. Appoint a Board which understands their role?
  5. Give the CEO the space to develop the systems and procedures to manage the organization.
  6. Allow the CEO to hire best in class.
  7. Schedule your check in periods.
  8. Demonstrate your respect for CEO.
  9. Leave the CEO ALONE to do what he/she is hired to do.
  10. Go back to Parliament and do what you do best.