Well do it!

It is 14 months since the 2015 general elections and I still don’t know where the country is going.  We seem to have fallen asleep.  14 months ago Dr. Rowley got the job he applied for with the slogan “Let’s do this”! Well Let’s do this now.

Let’s fix the crime situation, the 4 hourly daily commute to Port of Spain, the lack of availability of drugs in the hospitals.  I see neither results nor plans and and on top of that I have to tolerate hapless Ministers.  Here are 2 examples of their haplessness:

The Minister of Health recently talked on television about a plan he and someone hatched to catch the security officer not doing her job. I heard him say that he visited a health institution, and pretended that he was an intruder and snuck past the security who shouted but did not chase.  After about 15 minutes he and his accomplice approached the security officer.  From that incident he concluded that the security was not doing her job and he has put a plan in place to ensure that the security does their job.

What if the security guard had shot the Minister of Health? Additionally is that the role and function of a Minister?  When did the Minister of Health become a micromanager? There is a big difference between leadership and management and I am sure that Minister must be aware of the difference. Additionally where is the process? From my wide dealing in the public and private sector I know what that process trumps micromanagement every time. The more you micromanage the less time you have to plan the big vision and the big strategy. So I am absolutely disappointed in the Minister of Health for this kind of silliness.

The second issue that comes to mind is the contempt which was demonstrated by the Minister of Finance when he stopped short of daring the public to riot. Despite his apology, too many people are aware of his arrogance and highhandedness so his original statement reflects accurately how he feels.  

During the lead up to the national elections, the Prime Minister is on record as saying that his contemporaries were busy having retirement parties while he was looking for a job. Well KR! … you have the job and you’ve had it for 14 months. It is time for you to lead us in a way that makes us proud.   You are falling terribly short of leading with the charisma we know you have.  Instead the Rottweiler has returned.

I cannot count what the government has delivered over the past 14 months! But that’s understandable because no one has communicated what the government intended to do so we don’t know how to measure progress.  

Mr. Prime Minister, it is time for you to speak with the people of Trinidad and Tobago.  Let us know what your plans are and how we can help! Let’s do this now!

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