DJK missing at the Barber Shop!

I missed DJK in the Barber Shop on Saturday! Oh I forgot! He went to California (no, not the one in Trinidad) for his medical check-up! Consistency is important when you pick up a new career so I am awaiting the schedule for my favourite DJ!

Until then, I ponder, “Whither goest thou my sweet TnT?” What’s the plan? “Diversification” is the word being bandied about, but how is that manifested? I continue to believe that citizens are just longing for a leader who will level with us and explain where we are heading and how are we to line up. It’s an easy lesson from Carnival; people get in their sections before crossing the stage, and that’s because they know the stage and understand the expectations when the leader makes the call.

After two years in office, the government continues on an unclear path. What is the diversification strategy, and how are we going to get there? Instead the most recent noise is about the opposition not attending the Independence celebrations. That is not new; you are in fact flogging a dead horse and draining your resources with this attack, when you could be engaging our citizens on what the priorities are for the next 55 years.

What kind of TnT do you envisage? What kind of TnT would you like to have shaped? For someone who has been in government on either side since 1987, the benefits of any experience gained over the years have not been evident.

Emeralds are the symbol of 55th Anniversaries but like all gemstones they need to be polished and cared for, otherwise their beauty and shine is lost. Here is an opportunity to unearth our Emeralds and help them shine.

There are citizens who want to make a difference but there is no framework for them to become engaged. It may be beneficial to have some agency that will accept observations and suggestions from the general public and sift through them for ways to improve all facets of life in T&T.

Communication is the engine of behaviour change but our leader needs to communicate!

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