Defend this Mr. Mapp?

    • This post by Randolph Mapp has not been edited and is in response to an earlier blog titled “Strike 3 against Prime Minister Dr. Rowley”.
      Randolph Mapp

      Read Dr Rowley’s autobiography and you wouldn’t talk such siht about him being a shameful example for the youths of the nation. Shame on your for buying into fecal talk from Demming, Womantra,PLOTT and the UNC women’s group who claim Dr Rowley disrepected woman. You ever see the human nastiness women turn themselves into at Carnival?
      Demming and those clowns always turn a blind eye to the disrespecful beings women become at Carnival. And Ivor , Dr Rowley is not an expatriate like you hustling to survive in USA. He’s a home-grown boy committed to making here better for jokers like you and Demming to run your mouths.

      Here’s my response to Mr. Mapp:
      October 19, 2017 6:57 pm

      Dear Mr. Mapp
      I am surprised that a person with the patience to have read Dr Rowley’s autobiography will so quickly descend into name calling and attempts at insults. Your description of what women turn themselves into at Carnival seems to be at odds with what Dr. Rowley enjoys.

      Carnival and Dr. Rowley

      If you choose to engage this discussion, I would really appreciate a more substantial response rather than the name calling.

      October 21, 2017 5:59 pm

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