My August 07, 2017 letter to PM Rowley

This is one of the letters which I have written to
Prime Minister Rowley over the past 5 years.

Dear Prime Minister

I began writing to you in July of 2016 from the perspective of a concerned citizen.  So far I have made suggestions with regard to the following issues:

  1. The absence of a 5-7 year Strategic Plan
  2. The escalating crime situation
  3. The absence of opportunities for recently graduated returning nationals
  4. The Tourism Sector and our efforts at diversification
  5. The need to provide a secondary school for the children of Carenage
  6. The possibility of introducing a “Systems/Design Thinking” project in our schools
  7. The idea of the walkable cities and the positive benefits to be derived
  8. Road congestion
  9. Communications
  10. Making Chaguaramas into a “Bus only” zone
  11. Transportation as a quality of life issue

May I suggest that in your capacity as Minister of Public Utilities with responsibility for T&TEC that you encourage the company to lead the charge of deriving cost savings from the reduced use of electricity by following these steps:

  1. Do an audit of the cost of electricity utilized by various Ministries.
  2. Invest in timing systems to take the lights off for identified periods especially during the night time.
  3. Measure the cost over a period.
  4. Boast about the cost savings and encourage consumers to do the same.

Implemented successfully you will look smart and connect with people on a real level.

Yours for our country!

Dennise Demming (Mrs.)
MBA, BSc., Cert-Mass Comm

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