My October 07, 2017 letter to PM Rowley

This is one of the letters which I have written to
Prime Minister Rowley over the past 5 years.

Dear Dr. Rowley

October 7th marked two celebrations: your 25th month in office and the seventh edition of TedxPortofSpain.

On our part TEDxPortofSpain has provided a non-partisan platform for ideas worth spreading and we can boast of having 60 talks on line by Trinidadians about Trinidad.  We have had more than one million views to date.  If we are unable to continue staging the annual conference, our legacy would be there in perpetuity.

On the other hand, your legacy after 25 months in office is illusive. I note that the report from the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Planning and I know that Officers from the Ministry are on the media talking about vision 2030. Those are commendable efforts however they are no replacement for a clearly articulated vision by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.  They lack the power of office which only you can add.

In the absence of a clearly articulated vision by you, the population will continue to be uncertain.  I quote the biblical statement, 1st Corinthians, “If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?”

My best wishes for your 26th month in office and I do hope that the tide will turn in your favour and that soon you will provide us with a vision which we could all follow.

Yours Respectfully

Dennise Demming (Mrs.)

MBA, BSc., Cert-Mass Communications

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