My July 7th, 2018 Letter to P.M. Rowley

This is one of the letters which I have written to
Prime Minister Rowley over the past 5 years.

Dear Dr. Rowley

Congratulations on your 34th month as Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Hopefully you have had a chance to take in some of the FIFA World Cup and even if you didn’t, it has come to your attention that despite the agonising loss by the Japanese Team, they left their locker rooms cleaner than when they arrived, left a thank you note in German and won the admiration of the world for their culture of respect and politeness.

I am suggesting that we can copy from the Japanese and introduce a behaviour change initiative aimed at reviving the attitudes of politeness and respect.   I am suggesting that you lead the charge because it is a soft entry point that can have a major impact if we all took it on board.

Yours Respectfully

Dennise Demming (Mrs.)
MBA, BSc., Cert-Mass Communications

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