My September 7th, 2018 letter to P.M. Rowley

This is one of the letters which I have written to
Prime Minister Rowley over the past 5 years.

Dear Dr. Rowley

Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary as Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I wish to return to the theme of transportation and remind you of your stridency on the political campaign when you talked about Transportation as a quality of life issue.  My estimation is that the situation has got worse and without a specific plan, it will continue to worsen.  

May I suggest that you appoint an interdisciplinary team of locals to provide some solutions within 90 days.  You are very aware of Dr. Trevor Townsend and Dr. Rae Furlonge who have both written and spoken publicly on the issue and whom I am sure would respond to any call for public service.

Yours Respectfully

Dennise Demming (Mrs.)
MBA, BSc., Cert-Mass 
Concerned Citizen

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