Governance and Technology will ensure a Positive Future

Jamaican Governance expert Dr. Vindel Kerr shares his views about governance in the region and the operations of State Owned Enterprises. He brings to the discussion the possibility of establishing a Common Caricom Corporate Governance Code which would articulate a model for the appointment and operations of State Owned Enterprises. He makes the case for public sector reform in Trinidad and Tobago and suggests that board members should be appointed political activists in preference for young, agile, competent persons. Media Insite’s leader Allison Demas is the second guest. She focusses on regional media monitoring and makes the case for digital media monitoring which can aid strategic decision making. Her research indicates that advertising is moving rapidly away from traditional media to the digital sphere where messages are being consumed. An interesting statistic which came out of the discussion is that 95% of the employees at Media Insite are millennials.

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