Collaboration, spirituality and humility are key themes in this interview.

We chat with Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie (Former Minister of Planning and Principal, UWI) and artist/creative/entrepreneur Mr. Fitzroy Hoyte.

Dr. Tewarie reflects on a question from Dr. Peter Senge: “How does leadership tap into spirit and energy?” This question has challenged his thinking over many years and highlighted to him the importance of collaboration, cooperation and measurement and evaluation in delivering on our country’s goals and objectives.

He concludes that leadership is the secret sauce to our development and opines that a collaborative approach is possible but it will require a Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition with the disposition and willingness to experiment with the philosophy of collaboration. If such an experiment is engaged by any leadership it will result in behaviour change in the followership and be a game changer the country needs.

Fitzroy Hoyte – artist and visionary behind the gallery ThinkArtTT shares his story that art chose him and that his work is a visual reflection of our society. He comments that art needs more spaces and in particular a modern museum which can curate our journey as a people and maybe help us to understand our history. He lamented that our Art is centred around carnival and the performing arts and it should be expanded to capture other genres. His future vision in a post pandemic era is for all entry points into our country to reflect us as a people.

To the aspiring arts the key characteristics should be humility and a spirit of collaboration.

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