ormer Head of the Public Service Reynold Cooper and Singer/Entrepreneur Vaughnette Bigford.

Former Head of the Public Service makes a case for Trinidad and Tobago to innovate rather than imitate. His dream for the future is that the Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation will achieve its mandate for economic transformation by 2030.
He notes that the ease of doing business and improved access to wifi are two key factors in propelling that transformation.
At 18:00 minutes, the conversation switches to singer/performer Vaugnette Bigford and the joy she gets from the beauty which surrounds us and reviving her old hobby of reading. Vaughnette is currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.
Opportunity, Investment and Mind Set are three concepts which she suggests should inform the thinking of our leaders at all levels as we shape the cultural landscape. The conversation ends on the hopeful note that a 25 year vision for the cultural landscape begins with creating the physical and social infrastructure because talent abounds throughout the country.

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