Chatting with Reval Chattergoon and Errol Fabien

Recorded on May 01 2021, President of the Arima Business Association, Reval Chattergoon commented on the need for collaboration between the Business sector and the Government to acquire vaccinations for the entire population.
He lamented the political polarization of our country and made appealed to citizens to become “Trinidad and Tobago aligned”. In looking at the future he dreamed of a country where persons greet each other respectfully; where we feel safe; where we keep our environment clean and were we feel proud to be personal ambassadors.
At 12:46, the conversation changes and Errol “the Independent” Fabien shares how he survived the devastation of moving from 3 bookings per week to 6 over a 12 month period. As a true survivor, he retrained and developed new skills. The licks and love of Covid has helped his company Gayelle transform into staging nightly live productions from the Tony Hall Studio.
His plea to other performers is find an opportunity to collaborate with any eye on the future. He commented that the creative sector needs to be capitalized and re-positioned as a pillar of development which can contribute to the national economy.
Errol suggested the Parliament legislate the banning of the use of certain words and tones. His belief is that our society needs to engage in a big “Love up” at all levels if we want to change. From the penal system to the man in the street, love will show us the way.

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