Anya Ayoung-Chee & Fabian Carter show up as their authentic selves on Demming Chronicles.

Activist, fashion designer, model -Anya Ayoung-Chee shows up as her authentic self on Demming Chronicles. In this riveting conversation, she comments on the need to change the culture of punishing non-conformance and urges Trinidadians to continue showing up as our authentic selves locally and internationally.

Anya cautions that while retaining your authenticity can be punishing, help is available from those who have travelled the path before, so having a mentor could lighten the load. Her three asks of successful women are: to share the cheat codes with younger women; be open to offering mentorships and open the doors especially if you are in the gate keeping role.

Talking about her survival strategy Anya shares that she spends time understanding the values of her ancestry and acknowledging the value each collaborator brings to the table. Her dream is for the Nudge project to become a regional movement where people are actively engaged in creating and living a sustainable life while experiencing the joy of activating their dreams.

She currently directs her energies to a collaboration with Massy Stores called “Nudge” and the feminist empowerment movement “Who She Feel She Is”.

At 16:32, Demming Chronicles engages Fabian Carter, Mixologist, Culinary Entrepreneur and Customer Service Specialist. He boasts of the unique experiences of being the specially selected server to HER MAJESTY Queen Elizabeth II when she opened the CHOGM conference in 2009. His other boast is being selected to serve US President Barack Obama at the Summit of the Americas Conference which was held in Trinidad in 2009.

Fabian established his company K Code Ltd in 2010 and after moving away from the hotel industry in. 2017, he re-ignited his company and strengthened his business model. Carnival 2019 was particularly successful for Fabian and K-Code but came to a screeching halt with the Covid outbreak. He has changed his business model and focusses on personalizing his offerings to his customers.

His mantra is that success comes from what you do more than from what you hope. He spends his time taking action to refine his offerings to keep him and his customers safe while maintaining high quality standards. His learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic are fail, learn and grow.

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