Demming Chronicales chats with Digital Coach Keron Rose & Communication Consultant Lisa Joseph

Trini born/Canadian Keron Rose decided to give the country of his birth a chance at a time when his contemporaries were heading to other parts of the world. Six years later his global business has clients who pay him online and he continues to thrive. He sees Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region as a place with intractable problems which need solutions and that’s where he focusses. He has created a coaching business which helps entrepreneurs find and implement solutions to these problems. His specific focus is to discover digital solutions to our many problems.

The Mind Set Challenge

According to Keron our biggest stumbling block is our collective mind set which causes us to not trust our institutions while our institutions seem reluctant to educate and prepare our citizens to embrace a digital world. In reflecting on the fact that the Trini created global payment platform WiPay is now based in Jamaica, Keron lamented the negative conversation about digitization. We need “all hands on deck” to onboard all citizens to the digital space. From Government Ministers and officials to the unemployed, the conversation has to be about embracing the digital world to transform our societies.

Lisa Ann Joseph – Communications Consultant

At 17:00 minutes, the show transitioned to a conversation with Reputation Management Consultant Lisa Ann Joseph who finds great joy in the sense of humour which surfaces at every turn. From the online memes to the “bad jokes” there is always something to chuckle about.

Democractizing Communications

She noted that social media has democratized communication and empowered citizens to take on the role of professional communicators. In her role as Counsel to CEOs and C-suite executives, she laments that communicating is not usually seen as part of the key requirements for leaders. Her advice is to take an inside/out approach to understand the issues that are important and invest time and resources in deep listening. In responding to a questions about what is required to succeed at Corporate Communications, Lisa suggested the combination of experience, academics and hard work. Her dream for the future is for our communication to be kinder and littered with softer words.

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