Public Holiday … Happy … Sad … Vex or just STEUPS

Couldn’t we have planned this public holiday thing? I understand the need to celebrate achievement but planning is key. We have managed to celebrate the outcome of careful planning by NOT planning. As a business owner, my day was planned complete with deadlines etc and just so! … everything is down the drain. Some feeble brained bureaucrat did not think this through. How could we declare a disaster area in one part of the island and a public holiday simultaneously?

What are businesses supposed to do? The disaster areas have been waiting since Saturday for full service Hardware supplies to open their doors. 

One thought on “Public Holiday … Happy … Sad … Vex or just STEUPS

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly here, and I believe that there are still so many other things wrong with a national holiday in this way. It seems great minds think alike – I even wrote a post about today’s holiday as well! But thanks for the sharing! Blessings.

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