Senator Tewarie and Minister Warner in separate situations finger the Media!

Senator Tewarie in a live television interview commented that the Media has not played its role in promoting the 50th anniversary celebrations … Minister Warner accused the Media of sensationalizing their reporting of crime. Meanwhile a spontaneous protest erupts against the alleged gunning down of a citizen by the police and government representatives repossess the instruments used by Divine Echoes Band. All of this within 24 hours. As a communicator, these scenarios are worrisome and require deep analysis. Both government and citizens appear to be seething with anger and embarrassment. In the midst of all of this, hundreds of families in the North West Disaster area are hurting as they try to regain some semblance of normalcy from the mud and sludge left by flood waters.

This is not the time for the Government to draw swords with the Media. Despite money, control and power, Journalist have more ink and paper at their disposal. Maybe this is an opportunity for the Government to pause and reflect on the needs of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who gave them the mandate to lead this country to a better place. Their will be no winner in a fight with the Media.

A Minister cannot expect the Media to promote his agenda prior to the activities.  I expect that there will be full coverage of the news worthy activities once they are staged.  Minister Warner thinks he can be cunning with the media but this is short lived strategy.  My confidence is that the Media will play its role and communicate in a manner that is balanced and fair to the population.

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