Listen, Learn and Lead?

“We listen, learn and lead” – so said the Prime Minister during the debate on the constitutional change to the “run-off” system. She caught my attention then only to dash my hopes for the “umteenth” time.  Despite popular objection, the Government manoeuvred their way and got the Independent bench to support this unpopular change to the constitution.

Why has the government not listened, learned and led in the case of the HRM?  Re-routing the highway is a reasonable request by a credible group of activists which has come together under the leadership of the PM’s one time friend Dr. Wayne Khublalsingh.  I salute this man who is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defence of the environment.  No matter how this hunger strike ends, his blood is staining the hands of each member of the PP Government.

It is just a few years before each member of the PP Government will experience their twilight years, away from the headiness of power.  Lurking in the background will be the emaciated figure of this patriot.  The question will cross their minds – how could I have led differently?  The PP government still has time to change the election game. Some financiers will suffer but more people will be happy.

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