Moving on!

During the month of May, I mourned the death by assassination of Dana Seetahal.  I remember her as embodying the spirit and best example of a patriotic T&T citizen.  I remember Tribute to Danaher struggling to finish the Marathon.  I remember her gentle yet ferocious spirit.  I remember her relentless struggle for justice and I am still asking, “Where is the justice now for her?  What is the status of the case in the Criminal court?  Will the persons responsible for this heinous act ever be discovered?

Our nation is in a deep, dark hole where the judiciary is in chaos, the party in power is blatantly supporting misbehaviour in public office and the opposition, though known to be significantly less than suitable is looking like an attractive alternative.  But then we are not quite at mid-term in this political cycle and there is still time for a breath of fresh air to emerge.  I look to the horizon in the hope that enough young people will take their place in this county of their birth and wrest power from my generation who have made their fair share of imperfect decisions.

For now, I move on from Dana hoping for justice.  RIP!


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