April 07, 2017

This is one of the monthly letters which I have written
to Prime Minister Dr. Rowley over the past five years.

Dear Prime Minister,

My apologies for not writing to you on March 7, 2017.

In your 19th month as Prime Minister, I am concerned about the legacy you will leave when you demit office both as Prime Minister and as Representative for Diego Martin West. 

As a constituent of Diego Martin West here are 2 suggestions which can give you a much needed boost:

  1. Build a Secondary School for the children of Carenage using the template of Bishop’s East which has been phenomenally successful.  Maybe it is time for a Bishop’s West in the Chaguaramas Peninsula.
  2. Make Chaguaramas into our first “Bus only” city.  This thought was stimulated by the “FluTag” disaster, St. Peter’s Day Celebrations, every Carnival Fete in Chaguaramas and the visual of 2 massive car parks which routinely house the private vehicles owned by members of the Regiment and Coast Guard.  The stadium can be used as a car park and regular bus shuttles could operate on time from there.  It would require the registration of resident’s vehicles and the issuance of passes.

If you are brave enough to implement these suggestions, you will have a successful talking point for the population and begin the narrative of success which is urgently needed by the Government which you lead.

Yours for our country!

Dennise Demming (Mrs.)
MBA, BSc., Cert-Mass Comm

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