A discussion about Transportation and Creativity

Enjoy this discussion about public transportation in Trinidad and Tobago with Transportation Specialist, Dr. Rae Furlonge. He noted that our inadequate transportation system negatively impacts women and children. Reflecting on the past he pointed out that Trinidad and Tobago’s only national transportation plan dates back to 1967 and that there is an urgent need to develop plans and policies which would regulate the nation’s transportation systems. In 1996, the government articulated a policy of cheap cars for the common man and this has fuelled the high level of road congestion being currently experienced. In looking at the future, Dr. Furlonge suggested we should intensify the work at home strategy which covid-19 has forced on us and maximize non motorized travel in our city centres. He also noted that government must become the regulators of public transportation. The discussion continued with Myron Bruce (Myron B) who commented on the current creative ecosystem where “creative hustlers”, hobbyists and professionals all function. In the same way that doctors, lawyers and traditional professionals need to grow their businesses, Myron observed that the most important task is for creatives to grow their audiences. He commented that self respect is needed before creatives could demand respect from other professionals. In the absence of a blueprint which young creatives could use Myron shaped his own journey and has been successful as a content producer. Looking to the future, Myron is convinced that digital education is necessary to transform our ecosystem to one which allows our creatives to thrive.

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