Demming Chronicles chats with Peter Ghany (Esau Oilfields Supplies) and Hans De Vignes (Television Personality/Radio Presenter/DJ

Peter Ghany is a second generation leader of Esau Oilfields Supplies which was founded by his parents in 1976.  Esau as they are popularly known leads the field as a service provider to the energy sector.  Having experienced 3 major downturns in the energy sector, Peter joins the conversation with an optimistic message that businesses must re-create, re-invent and re-innovate in order to survive. 

Building on their successful track record of involvement in every major oil and gas project in Trinidad and Tobago over the past 45 years, Esau has pivoted to become a full service asset management provider with their Dubai based company OES Asset Integrity Management Company.

Peter is confident that our country will pivot to providing cleaner energy sources and comments that it is critical that we revise our cost of power. (The global average is 0.138 U.S. Dollar per kWh compared to US$ 0.053 per kWh in Trinidad and Tobago).

Hans Aaron des Vignes is a television personality/broadcaster/DJ who sees the media as an institution which tells and shows us who we are as a people.  He strongly advocates for 50% local content being played on the media but laments the minimal support of advertisers whose products and services are part of the ecosystem.

He identified that one of the major challenges of the creative sector is the practice of nepotism which results in the bypassing of genuine creatives gaining exposure.  While he sees the media as a reflection of society, he is keen on the establishment of a Radio Practitioners Licence as a way of establishing standards of operating.

One thought on “Demming Chronicles chats with Peter Ghany (Esau Oilfields Supplies) and Hans De Vignes (Television Personality/Radio Presenter/DJ

  1. Thanks for sharing Dennise, Peter and Hans. This was very helpful in a time of such uncertainty for business.

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