Energy dreamer Philip Julien and Ace Communicator Lisa Ghany are our guests on this edition.

We chat with Philip Julien about the possibility that Trinidad and Tobago could be the first on the planet to produce molecules of hydrogen from clean sources to power industrial plants. Just as our country used previously flared gas to fuel the Pt. Lisas Industry, we have another opportunity to transform another pesky gas into hydrogen for use as a clean energy source.

Phillip believes that we have the mindset to lead the world but citizens must once again believe in ourselves and nourish an independent mind set to believe that we can. Pt. Lisas and the invention of the steel-pan are merely examples of our creativity. We now are on the cusp of leading the world again with the NewGen facility which is likely to be the world’s first large scale producer of low carbon hydrogen from water.

At 16:01 mintues, the discussion shifts to Communciations Specialist and Event Management Entrepreneur Lisa Ghany. She notes the beauty of our environment and the uniqueness of our country while juxtaposing the absence of credible leadership which can change the negative narrative which dominates. Lisa expresses the hope that the leaders in each of us will emerge to communicate the positive values which are latent in our society.

She also focusses on the role of family and comments that our basic needs have not changed. People still long for love, companionships, respect and safety.

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