No Health Without Mental Health

“There is no health without mental health” is the phrase that dominated this conversation with Psychotherapist Marcia Celestine. She has been in practice since the 1980s and specializes in Couple and Family Therapy. Her training and practice span 3 countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and England.

Marcia is concerned that many of our children and young people are not experiencing the best of their childhood and noted the important role of parents in responding to their children’s needs throughout their stages of development.

She urged the business community to focus on raising awareness of mental illness recognizing that unhealthy workers, whether physically or mentally negatively impact productivity. Once an employer recognizes the special needs of an employee, they must be prepared to provide that employee with the space and time to heal.

The conversation shifted to the national community and the need to improve communications about different aspects of mental illness, from self-care to showing empathy and consideration for each other.

Psychotherapist, Marcia Celestine reminds us that there is no health without mental health.

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